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Who I Am

I am a multifaceted professional with successful experience in complex industries, and with over 30 years of graphic design experience in many industries. I also compliment that with an extensive IT background in software and hardware in literally every area technology touches.

My diverse experience, education and skills would make me a strong creative asset, with business knowledge and experience that extends into all elements of Marketing, Product Design, and Branding.

Please contact me if you;d like an opportunity to discuss further with you about the value that I can provide!

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My Experience

I am a creative, team-oriented production artist with over 30 years of experience in product management, print and web design, branding, and strategy. I possess expert knowledge in creating brands from scratch, as well as working with global brands like Disney and Live Nation.

I am highly adept with the Adobe Create Suite of Products. I have extensive experience in executing digital marketing plans via digital ads, web sites, print, and social media content. I am a passionate and driven creative artist with a focus of ensuring every pixel, line and color pallet is perfect and on-brand.

With a list of 14 certifications to back up over 3 decades of hands-on experience and traditional schooling in Fine Arts and Computer Science B.S. Degree, I have expertise to handle any creative or technology project, big or small, simple or complex.

Just Need Help?

Are you a single user or family looking to learn the basics of how to use a computer or how to safely surf the internet?

Are you a medium sized businesses looking to grow their marketing or social media efforts?

Perhaps you're looking for a whole new brand or identity to cut through the digital static?

You've come to the right place! You can expect to be listened to, your needs evaluated, and the results to be exactly what you'd expect - all explained in plain non-tech talk or in as much detail as you need.

I approach all of my projects looking at your return on investment and the total cost of ownership, not just initial costs.

What people are saying

Tamra Durfee

Tamra Durfee

Virtual Information Security Officer, Fortified Health

Michael is someone I could always count on. Not only to get the job done, but to give a well-rounded perspective on the work effort involved, the tradeoffs, and the achievable outcome. Due to Michael's vast array of experience, he provides insights and perspectives others may not consider. This is valuable as many just look at something as a task. Michael looks down the road at where we need to go and assesses how to best get there by applying critical thinking.

Adrian Lara

Adrian Lara

Technical Apps Analyst, Enloe Medical Center

I have been fortunate enough to work with Michael for over a year and a half, and I have observed many things that make him an exemplary analyst. One of his strongest points is his knack for breaking down complex problems and explaining them in a clear and concise way. He is also very good at identifying root causes and developing solutions with an action plan. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a strong and independent leader for their organization.

Joseph Page

Joseph Page

Marketing & Communications, Adventist Health

Michael was an instrumental part of our team's success, supporting marketing and communications efforts for Enloe Medical Center. He brings deep experience with digital tactics, analytics and graphic design. As a hospital operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team wore many hats, at a time when every task was time-sensitive, and Michael not only excelled in his own role, but was a key collaborator, ensuring the success of his team as well.

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Can we talk about education for a minute?

I am married to a Kindergarten teacher, one of the most foundational positions in our education system. This is where many children get their first exposure not just to peers, but also to structured learning and group-based social expectations...

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