HTML/Web Coding$50.00/Hr
Graphic Design$75.00/Hr
Video Production$100.00/Hr
Database Design$150.00/Hr

Rates given are for project planning purposes and typical projects are a combination of rates. All projects will be presented in a project document that outlines the project in whole and breaks down each element included. The following is a sample list of projects to give you an idea of the breadth of what I can offer you, and is by no means all inclusive:

Graphic Design – Web sites, illustration, mock-ups, product design, print material and much more. My professional graphics and design background stretches back 3 decades and even pre-dates using computers.

Desktop Support – this includes building computers from scratch to your specification: Specing out hardware, purchasing, assembly of components, installing the operating system and applications, etc.

Software Applications – I have a very deep understanding of most common software applications and can easily teach you fundamentals in down to earth, non-techy language: Web browsing, Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), common utilities, such as FTP, Pandora, Torrent, as well as high end applications like 3D Design, Video Production and much more!

Networking – From just getting your single home laptop on the internet to a complex LAN/WAN/VPN solution either over copper, fiber or wireless, I can get you connected!

Web Sites – Whether you want something from scratch or a modern content management system, I’ve hand coded HTML for over 27 years and I understand what it takes to get you or your business online with proper SEO, Social Media and the education to mange them yourself!

Custom Solutions – Want to migrate your restaurant to a point of sales system, setup wireless security cameras, add QuickBooks Enterprise or migrate to a high end property management solution? I know how to handle these types of proprietary installations and can help you save thousands if not more dollars and make the right choice for your needs!